I was the only international artist to participate in the Genesis Project, Los Angeles, a collaborative residency catering to artists whose practice exists between disciplines and works with and through the body. The mission was to support artists in accessing space in which to work and fortify a practice and a community from which to act globally. By asking artists to commit to regular inquiry Genesis aimed to heighten productivity of the collective at work in the project and to sharpen the potency of each artist’s daily practice. Genesis facilitated an environment wherein creativity is the act of investigation rather than what is produced from it. It was a unique environment for interrogation and the creation of innovative artistic, body-based work. Directed by Los Angeles-based dance artist Hana van der Kolk with assistance from New York City-based multi-media artist Arturo Vidich, Genesis LA took place in August of 2008 at Sea and Space Explorations in Highland Park.


I continued my work with skin, sculpture and private acts of transformation. The residency concluded with a sharing of work with local residents and other artists of Highland Park, LA.