'Curdled' was a solo exhibition by Liz Atkin, commissioned by The Bethlem Gallery as part of the Anxiety 2014 Arts Festival from May 23rd - 3rd July.


The work was a personal exploration of the physical manifestations of anxiety, following an episode of severe depression in 2013. Through intimate photography, performance and installation, Atkin investigated the possibilities of marking, extending and transforming the skin. Compulsive Skin Picking, a condition related to anxiety disorders, dominated her body for more than 20 years and her practice aspires to de-stigmatise the illness, raise awareness and advocate recovery. Liz Atkin further illustrated the exhibition with a site-specific durational performance and installation pieces, exploring the inner sensations of anxiety with automatic writing and body-focussed repetitive behaviour, to transform the space and her own skin.


Anxiety Arts Festival 2014, presented a dynamic programme of visual art, film, performance, music, dance, theatre and talks spanning venues across London. It was curated by the Mental Health Foundation. The festival explored the causes and affects of anxiety, and how it can act as a creative force. It brought together leading and emerging artists to address anxiety from medical, social and historical perspectives, to individual, collective and contemporary viewpoints.

'CURDLED Anxiety Series'

Solo Exhibition and Performance ORTUS Maudsley Learning building, London

As performed at the Maudsley Learning ORTUS Learning and Events Centre, June 21 2014 for Anxiety Arts Festival 2014