I met Lenka Rayn H. 2010. She is a fellow resident of Havelock Walk, an artist community in South London. We found mutual affinity in our self-portraiture and photography. We collaborated to explore performative, spatial and sculptural possibilities of the body.

Working with abandoned everyday spaces and materials, performance artist Luke Pell and I explored our own embedded corporeal histories and those of the environments we encountered.  The first two works within the series are Throat Pieces (performed by Pell) and They Come Not As Single Sparrows but in Battalions (performed by me). In witnessing these private performative happenings each photograph is considered synonymous with traumatic experience in its capacity to carry information that cannot be conceived in the moment out, into another time, place and context.

I met Dr Simon Park, Senior Lecturer in Microbiology at University of Surrey in 2010. Dr Park's work is a unique blend of art and science that reveals the hidden machinations of the natural world. Working with the individual characteristics of my skin, we used UV technology to create shroud-like prints of my face, invisible self-portraits, and grew bacteria from the soles of my feet to create intricate miniature worlds which later crystalised.

I met professional photographer Cameron McNee in 2007. Our collaboration generated intimate photographs of the scars on my body. These were exhibited at Trinity Laban in an emersive installation in a darkened room, confronting the viewer with the scar remnants of the Compulsive Skin Picking imbedded on my surface.


With collaborators Manuel Vason - Julia Bauer - Thomas Pope - Barbara Kukovec - Jemima Yong - Holly Revell - Ting Jumper

DIY 11: 2014 - Manuel Vason ‘The Photo-Performer’

Supported by ArtsAdmin/ Live Art Development Agency

A collaboration with Daniel Regan, a London based artist & photographer whose work focuses on themes of recovery, psychology and mental health.